How Whitening Teeth Increases Confidence

How Whitening Teeth Increases Confidence
Posted on 07/17/2018
Whitened Teeth

A genuine smile is the way to make a positive first impression. A genuine smile that is healthy and white gives the appearance of cleanliness and vitality, and showcases good oral hygiene. There are many reasons that whitening your teeth increases your confidence. Your Ocean Springs, MS dentist is proud to provide teeth whitening services that will help you gain a smile you are proud to show off.

No More Hiding

If your teeth are yellowed, grey, or showing signs of decay, you are likely to hide your smile, even when you are genuinely happy. If something makes you laugh, you may be quick to pull a hand up and cover your mouth. You may wish to smile more, but simply lack the confidence to do so. Whitening your teeth is the perfect solution to help you stop hiding your smile.

Increased Success

Research has shown that a smiling individual has more success in business interaction and relationships. This isn’t hard to believe. A smile increases feelings of trust and likeability between two strangers, and thus leads to more positive experiences both in business and in relationships. Whitening of the teeth can increase this positivity even more, as a white smile also gives the appearance of health and vitality.

Improved Mood

When you know your teeth are sparkly and white, you can relax and not think about flashing your smile whenever you want to communicate that you’re happy or when something is funny or amusing. This alone will decrease stress and elevate your mood - however the action of a smile takes it a step further. When you smile, the act increases blood flow to the brain and causes you to actually feel happier.

Teeth Whitening At Your Ocean Springs, MS Dentist

The better you feel about your looks, the better you feel about yourself. A smile plays a huge role in self-confidence. Your Ocean Springs, MS cosmetic dentist is proud to offer a variety of teeth whitening services to meet your own goals for smile satisfaction. Give us a call at (228) 875-7462 or request an appointment. Dr. Tyler McCabe and team can’t wait to help you achieve a sparkling smile. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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