A dental crown serves a couple of different purposes. If you need a dental crown, a cosmetic dentist in Ocean Springs can help. Dr. Tyler McCabe, D.M.D., of McCabe Dental in Ocean Springs can give you the best-looking and most secure crowns anywhere.

Dental Crowns Fix Damaged Teeth

No matter how well you care for your teeth, they can still fracture and break, chip, and splinter, just like any other bone in the body. The only difference is that teeth do not have enough soft tissue to protect the bone, nor do teeth heal like broken bones. For that, you need a dentist from Ocean Springs to repair and restore the broken tooth with a crown.

Crowns Can Last a Very Long Time

If you get a porcelain or porcelain and resin crown, you might not need to replace it for a decade or more. If your dentist in Ocean Springs does porcelain over metal crowns, it may be a very long time before you have to replace it. You can discuss these crown materials and options with your dentist.

Why Not Pull the Tooth Instead of a Crown?

A lot of patients ask why dentists insist on crowns. After all, wouldn't it just be cheaper to pull the tooth completely? Any good dentist will argue for the crown because losing a tooth causes the rest of your teeth to shift out of place. The missing tooth isn't there to prevent shifting teeth, which ends up giving you an even greater gap-toothed look.

Furthermore, if the tooth in question is still alive and it doesn't require a root canal, the dentist wants to save it. It can be saved just by crowning it. A healthy set of roots and mid-tooth can continue to live on as a viable tooth with a crown protecting it.

Cosmetic Use of Crowns

Crowns can also be considered cosmetic. They are created to fit over abutment screws for implants. A cosmetic dentist in Ocean Springs has probably done this more than once, particularly for patients who have lost teeth.

If you are seeking crowns as a way to hide ugly teeth or fill empty spaces with implants, you may need the cosmetic type of crown. You may also need the cosmetic type of crown if you get a bridge, as a false crown fills in the middle or side of a dental bridge. A bridge may be necessary to chew, or it may be cosmetic. It depends on where the bridge is needed in the patient's mouth.

Problems with Your Crowns

Crowns are made to last for several years. However, if the teeth they cover decay beyond rescue and restoration, the crowns may come loose or slide off. If you have a crown that isn't fitting right, you should consult your dentist immediately.

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