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At Tyler McCabe, DMD we are always striving to provide more value to our patients. This is why we are so proud to offer both general and cosmetic dentistry to fit our patient’s individual needs. Our goal is to offer effective and efficient dental care to patients in a comfortable environment. If you are in need of a dental crown procedure and in the Ocean Springs area then you have found the right place! If you are looking for other dental procedures we encourage you to visit our general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry pages.

What Is A Dental Crown?

A crown is a custom-made covering that fits over an original tooth that is either decayed, damaged or cracked. Crowns are made of a variety of different materials such as porcelain, gold, acrylic resin or a mix of these materials depending on your individual needs.

What Is The Procedure?

At our Ocean Springs dental office we understand that some patients can be nervous when it comes to dental procedures. This is why we are happy to lay out any dental procedures we have for our patients. The treatment plan for a patient receiving a crown usually involves the following:

  • Numbing the tooth to remove the decay in or around it
  • Re-sculpting the tooth to provide an ideal fit for the crown
  • Making a physical or digital impression of your teeth in order to create the custom crown
  • Making a temporary crown out of acrylic resin and fitting it to the tooth while the custom crown is being made
  • Removing the temporary crown and fitting the custom-made one onto the tooth
  • Ensuring that the crown has the proper look and fit, and cementing it into place

New technologies have greatly reduced the time needed to make strong, natural-looking crowns. Once the procedure is completed, proper care should be taken to ensure the crown remains in good condition and the teeth and gums are healthy. Given proper care, your crowns can last a lifetime!

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