Bridges are so named because they are dental devices that "bridge" the gaps in your mouth between teeth. They are not typically thought of as cosmetic appliances, although an Ocean Springs cosmetic dentist can fashion one for you. Depending on how many teeth you have that are completely missing, Dr. Tyler McCabe, D.M.D., can create a bridge to fill each gap.

Visiting the Family Dentist in Ocean Springs

The most common means of getting a bridge is to visit a family dentist. A family dentist offers services to many people and children of varying ages. This includes bridges for older adults or for young people who have accidentally lost a few teeth.

Getting Fitted for a Bridge

Bridges are typically made to fill gaps between molars, but there are special bridges just for front teeth. Different types of bridges are made to fit the vacant spots in your mouth.

The first step is taking a digital scan or a dental mold of the area(s) in your mouth where a tooth is missing. This creates the perfect proportions for the replacement fake that will fit in the space of the missing tooth. The dentist then does one of two things. Either he sends it off to a dental lab to create the crown for the bridge, or he makes the bridge in-house.

You return for a fitting of the bridge. If it fits comfortably and the bite of the bridge doesn't create any awkwardness in your mouth, the dentist affixes it to your other teeth. The most common bridge is a fake crown with tooth-colored or metal attachments that adhere to the teeth on either side of the fake crown.

Other Types of Bridges

The aforementioned type of bridge is a fixed bridge. The remaining two types of bridges are a cantilever bridge and a Maryland bridge. The Maryland bridge is used for missing front teeth. The cantilever bridge is similar to a fixed bridge except that the two natural teeth have to be crowned to hold the fake crown in between.

When you see the family dentist in Ocean Springs, he can tell you which of these is best for the bridge you need. Obviously, if you have a front tooth missing it will likely be the Maryland bridge, but the back teeth may have either of the other two remaining bridges placed.

Why You Shouldn't Avoid Getting a Bridge

A lot of patients say, "Oh, it's just a missing tooth. No big deal, right?" Yet they don't realize that teeth are more than just for chewing. Besides filling a gap in your smile, a bridge helps maintain your facial structure and prevents your cheeks from sinking inward. A bridge also helps your other teeth stay in their positions where they are supposed to be. No bridge means that the teeth can shift around a lot, eventually occupying the space of the missing tooth and creating too much space between other teeth.

Permanent Solutions to Missing Teeth

A bridge is one permanent solution to a missing tooth. Another option is dental implants, which an Ocean Springs cosmetic dentist can do, too. An implant-supported bridge that is a mix of these two approaches is yet another choice. The difference is that the bridge may be covered by insurance, but the implants are not.

When you are ready to do something about that missing tooth (or teeth), make an appointment with Dr. McCabe in Ocean Springs.

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