How Do Bridges Work?

How Do Bridges Work?
Posted on 12/21/2018
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How Do Bridges Work?

At McCabe Dentistry we want to ensure all of our patients have a smile they are proud of and want to show off. Our dentist and team will provide high quality dental treatment for tooth function and aesthetics. We understand that a missing tooth or an unsightly gap can reduce your confidence to smile, we want to change this. If you have experienced an injury, medical condition, or some other situation that has caused you to lose a tooth, call McCabe Dentistry to discuss dental bridges and our general dentistry treatments. It is our goal to have you smiling proudly and confidently again, together we can achieve it!

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges may be required when there are one or more missing teeth. To fully understand dental bridges, you must first know what a crown is. Crowns are caps that are cemented on what is left of a damaged tooth. A bridge consists of two or more crowns that are cemented on either side of the gap, along with a false tooth, or multiple false teeth, between those crowns. There are three main types of dental bridges, including:

  • Fixed bridges: The most common type of bridge, which involves two crowns, on either side of the missing tooth, with a fake tooth in between.
  • Maryland bridges: These types of bridges are most commonly used when replacing missing front teeth. Dr. McCabe will utilize tooth-colored metal bands on either side of the bridge, which will be bonded to surrounding teeth.
  • Cantilever bridges: These are only used when there are adjacent teeth on some side of the missing tooth/teeth. Cantilever bridges use two crowned teeth, positioned next to each other on the same side of the missing tooth, to attach to the fake teeth/tooth.

Benefits Of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges offer a number of different benefits to the patient. The simple procedure is not only quick and easy, but it will provide you with an appealing, cosmetic result. The bridge will eliminate the prior space and create a beautiful, uniform smile. Dental bridges will also improve the functionality of your teeth. If you had previously experienced issues with biting or chewing, the new bridge will correct these immediately. Speech problems may have also occurred when you had a missing tooth, but with the new bridge, you will be able to speak normally again. Dental bridges offer so many advantages to patients, that’s why at McCabe Dentistry, we highly recommend them if you’ve experienced a missing tooth.

Call McCabe Dentistry For Your Next Appointment!

If you or a loved one has a missing tooth and want to change your smile, call McCabe Dentistry today! Our team will be more than happy to examine your teeth, learn more about your situation, and discuss the most appropriate options. Our general dentistry teams knows and understands that a missing tooth can be difficult, that’s why we are here to help. Schedule your appointment for dental bridges now, or call our Ocean Springs office directly. We look forward to seeing you and giving you a smile you are proud of!

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