Teeth Whitening

Most adults aspire to have a bright white, beautiful smile. Smiling engages others in a positive way and social settings. If your smile is less than white, Dr. Tyler McCabe, D.M.D., a cosmetic dentist in Ocean Springs, can make it dazzling white or just whiter than it is now.

How White Do You Want It?

Engaging a family dentist in Ocean Springs may mean that you can get your teeth cleaned, but it does not always mean that they can do cosmetic whitening. When you do see a cosmetic dentist in Ocean Springs, you will be asked about how white you want your smile to be. Most dentists will only whiten up to three shades whiter than your current tooth color. Wanting your smile to be even whiter than that may result in damage to your enamel. If you brush often and your teeth are fairly white now, the whitening process can achieve the really white results you are looking for.

The Whitening Process

A professional-grade dental whitening agent is brushed onto your teeth. Your teeth may be exposed to ultraviolet light for a period of time. Then the whitening agent is rinsed and removed from your teeth.

The professional-grade whitening agent is about twenty to thirty times more powerful than that found in over-the-counter, at-home whitening kits. For really lasting whitened teeth, it is important to visit a cosmetic dentist. It's also important to note that you may need to go through this procedure for more than one session to achieve your desired results.

Concerns over Tooth Damage

When done at a family dentist in Ocean Springs, or a cosmetic dentist anywhere, damage to your teeth from teeth whitening is minimal. It's also not a big concern if you are not constantly having your teeth whitened at every office visit. While the whitening agents are stronger in the professional application, they are actually safer than home kits. The dentist knows exactly when to remove the agent so that the risk for damage is really low.

Professional whitening involves protecting your gums from the agent. As such, you shouldn't feel any tingling or discomfort after the procedure. If you do, talk to your dentist before going ahead with future whitening appointments.

How Often You Can Whiten

After you complete a round of whitening treatments, prevention of staining to your teeth is recommended over returning too soon to whiten again. Most dentists would prefer to wait several months or a few years between whitening procedures. If you want even whiter teeth, it might be better to consider veneers instead of whitening. Veneers can go as white as you want without ongoing dental bleaching to keep the same look.

Preventing Staining of Your Teeth Again

The best way to keep your whitened smile white is to prevent stains from happening. Avoid colas, coffee and tea, and different fruits and foods that stain. Also, avoid smoking or chewing tobacco. Brushing often and keeping dental hygiene appointments will help keep your teeth their whitest.

Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. McCabe Today
If you really want whiter teeth for the coming year or a special event, schedule an appointment with Dr. McCabe. Your initial appointment will discuss the procedure and the effects you want to achieve. Booking for whitening will follow after the initial procedure.

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